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Who we are

About the Infrastructure Initiative



Creating space & filling it with life

The Infrastructure Initiative develops high-quality infrastructure with differentiated use concepts to meet anticipated student needs.


Leading Infrastructure

We want to be the first point of contact for the university & students for infrastructural needs and their implementation

Our Strategic Pillars

What is student infrastructure?

How do we fit into the academic landscape of the University of St.Gallen?

Why do we do what we do?

Community as an Opportunity

We have come to realize that the core mission of the initiative is not solely to create space for student curricular and extracurricular engagement.

Rather, we want to provide managed space with a curated community of users through which the value of the infrastructure as such is first maximized.

To do this, we need to educate, work with, and engage our communities more.


The university's real estate strategy is changing under pressure. It requires new solutions and proof of the need for physical interaction space.

The Infrastructure Initiative offers the university the opportunity to test infrastructural concepts on a small scale and also to innovate boldly.

The lessons learned from the Initiative's locations will serve not only to further their own development, but also the development of the campus as a whole.

Real Estate Strategy


Fundraising & Sponsoring

All projects of the Infrastructure Initiative offer great potential for sponsoring & strategic fundraising.

With the locations theCO, theHUB & theSTAGE, potentials as well as overlapping synergies arise. These must be strategically developed and coordinated at initiative level.

Be it supporting the student community or raising home-grown startups, investment opportunities are attractive.


The initiative has grown a lot since its inception. More locations, more employees, greater overhead.

There are strategic and operational dependencies with key stakeholders. The latter in particular can have a major impact on the performance of the initiative.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the initiative, internal processes need to be made permanent and interfaces with third parties need to be precisely defined.

Internal Organization & Stakeholders

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