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Community as an Opportunity

We have come to realize that the core mission of the initiative is not solely to create space for student curricular and extracurricular engagement.

Rather, we want to provide managed space with a curated community of users through which the value of the infrastructure as such is first maximized.

To do this, we need to educate, work with, and engage our communities more.



Learning from each other

Knowledge exchange, analysis  of projects, mutual testing field

Identify user needs

Gathering information, actively soliciting feedback, focus groups with users

Build Competencies

Knowledge, experience, HR, suitable formats & communication, setting incentives for exchange 


Strengthen brand, basic community & locationns as part of it, visible affiliation to Initiative in the locations

2nd Home

Co-Workers Among Themselves

Informal events, association cooperation, informal information channels

Co-Workers & Us

Co-Worker of the Month, Feedback Friday, theCO team as hosts not employees


Living Room


Office Users

Sense of responsibility, informal communication, using synergies

Office Users & Us

Open communication, freedom to design the space, sharing projects of the office owners




Introduce each other, sense of responsibilit, share successes & celebrate together

Residents & Us

Informal pathways, feedback, use social media platform to promote tenants

Residents & others

Events, Start-Up Pitches, Exclusive Access for theHUB tenants  

Long-term commitment 

Provide a platform, create synergies between tenants, own events

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