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On our 3rd floor we are providing start-ups, free floaters and talents with office spaces and movable desks. In addition, a stage area can be arranged where small events can be hosted.

Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement wants to give young people the possibility to shape the future through various projects. Their main values are engagement, integration and sustainability.


Snordtmade established the fashion label Sanoge which designs business fashion for women. Their vision is to produce impactful, timeless fashion with high quality and transparency.

Sicura Sicherheit

Sicura Sicherheit offers security services in Switzerland and some parts of Germany. With their customer-oriented approach, their passion and experience, the firm expanded quickly and is now also situated in St. Gallen.


Storabble serves as a mediator between people with empty cellars and customers who need storage space in the same area. As an idea in a university course, it evolved to a start-up part contributing to the sharing economy.


Startup@HSG is the primary contact point for students with a start-up idea or an already growing start-up

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